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Photo Gallery

Dussehra celebration
18th Oct 2018 Durga Puja & Dussehra Celebration

Commerce symposium
09th Oct 2018 Commerce Symposium

Gandhi Jayanti
01st Oct 2018 Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti

Science Quiz
27th Sep 2018 Interhouse Science Quiz

Ad proof
26th Sep 2018 Interhouse Ad Spoof Competition Class IV & V

Unity in Diversity
26th Sep 2018 Assembly Class XI

25th Sep 2018 Assembly Class II

20th Sep 2018 Ham Class XI & XII

Gk quiz
19th September 2018 GK Quiz Class IV

Talent hunt
14th September 2018 Talent Hunt Class II

12th September 2018 Ganesh Chaturthi

07th September 2018 Interhouse Yoga Competition Class III to VI


Assembly class IV
05th September 2018 Assembly Class IV

Talent Hunt
05th September 2018 Talent Hunt Class I

Janmashtami celebration
31st August 2018 Janmashtami Celebration

27th August 2018 National Deworming

24th August 2018 Rakshabandhan Assembly

Maths and Science Quiz
24th August 2018 Maths & Science Quiz

Hindi Recitation
23rd August 2018 Inter house Hindi Poem Recitation Class VI to VIII

Independence day
14th and 15th August 2018 Independence Day Celebration

13th August 2018 Teej Celebration

Assembly Class 5th E
9th August 2018 Assembly Class V E

Maths and Evs quiz
3rd August 2018 Math & EVS Quiz Class V

Hindi Elocution
31st July 2018 Hindi Elocution Class I and II

Assembly V E
27th July 2018 Assembly Class V E

Math, Science and GK Quiz
26th July 2018 Math, Science and GK Quiz of Class VI

Assembly class II B
27th July 2018 Assembly Class II B

Talent hunt
25th July 2018 Talent hunt VI C and VI D

Talent hunt
23rd July 2018 Talent Hunt VI A and VI B

Talent hunt
13th July 2018 Talent Hunt Class VII and VIII

06th July 2018 Handpainting

4th International Yoga Day
4th International Yoga Day

25th May 2018 Math Quiz
25th May 2018 Math Quiz

23rd May 2018 Talent Hunt 6-12
23rd May 2018 Talent Hunt VI-XII

18th may 2018 Talent Hunt 1-5
18th May 2018 Talent Hunt I-V

17th May 2018 Assembly VI B
17th May 2018 Assembly VI B Health and Hygiene

04th may 2018 Quin Turdle VI-X
04th may 2018 Quin Turdle VI to X

02nd May 2018 Rubela & Measles
2nd May 2018 Rubela & Measles.

Talent Hunt ( 3 to 5 )
26th April 2018 Talent Hunt Class V

New Session 1 to X
04th April 2018 New Session ( I to X ) Assembly for All Classes

Hanuman Jayanti
02nd April 2018 Hanuman Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti
28th March 2018 Mahavir Jayanti

Ashtami and Ramnavamani
23rd March 2018 Ashtami & Ram Nawami

New Session 2018-19
19th March 2018 New Session 10th and 12th

Visit to Gurudwara and Temple
15th March 2018 Visit to Gurudwara and Temple.

Vaccination Campaign
26th Feb 2018 : Teacher Student Interaction on Rubella

Holi Celebrations 17-18
01st March 2018 Holi Celebration

Assembly Class I
28th Feb 2018 Assembly Class I

English Elocution
21st Feb 2018 English Elocution Classes 1 and 2

Maha Shivratri 2018
13th Feb 2018 Assembly Maha Shivratri

Assembly class VIII
06th Feb 2018 Assembly VIII Topic Time Managment

Poetry Dramatization
01st Feb 2018 Poetry Dramatization

Republic Day 2018
Republic Day Celebrations Classes 1,2, and 6 to 10

Basant Panchami 2018
22nd Jan 2018 Basant Panchmi Assembly

Children\'s Day
14th Nov 2017 Children’s Day Assembly

Felicitation 17-18
14th Oct 2017 Felicitation to Parents

Fancy Dress Class I ( 17-18)
12th Oct Fancy Dress Competition Class I

Durga Puja & Dushhera

29th Sept 2017 Durga Puja & Dusshera Celebrations

Science Quiz 17-18

27th Sept 2017 Science Quiz

Talent Hunt Class II

20th Sept 2017 Talent Hunt Class II

Talent Hunt class I

13th Sept 2017 Talent Hunt Class 1

Ganesh Chaturthi

31st Aug 2017 Ganesh Chaturthi Assembly

Swachhata Abhiyan

31st Aug 2017 Swachchhta Pakhwada

Maths & Science Quiz

23rd Aug 2017 Math & Science Quiz Classes IX and X.

Assembly Class V

18th Aug 2017 Assemby Class V

Assembly II C

17th Aug 2017 Assembly Class II C

15th Aug 2017

15th Aug 2017 Independance Day & Janamashtmi Celebrations


07th Aug 2017 Raksha Bandhan

Hindi Elocution (1 & 2 )

31st July 2017 Inter House Hindi Elocution ( I & II )

Talent Hunt

28th July 2017 Talent Hunt IX to XII

Maths &Science Quiz

26th July 2017 Intra Class Maths & Science Quiz

Teej Celebrations

26th July 2017 Teej Celebrations

Income Tax Day

24th July 2017 Painting Competition on Income Tax Day.

Assembly Class II B

21st July Assembly Class II B ( Topic : Rain)

Talent Hunt

14th July 2017 Talent Hunt Classes VI to VIII

Quin Turdles

04th May 2017 Quin Turdles ( VI – X )

Talent Hunt Class V

01st May 2017 Talent Hunt Class V


12th April 2017 Baisakhi

Hanuman Jayanti

11th April 2017 Hanuman Jayanti

New Session XII
20th March 2017 New Session Class XII & I to X

Navratri 28 April 2017
28th March 2017 Navratre & Ram Navami Assembly

Holi Celebration
10th March 2017 Holi Celebration

Talent Hunt
9th and 17th March 2017 Talent Hunt

Fancy   Dress Competetion

03rd March 2017 Class 1 Fancy Dress Competetion

 Maha Shivratri Celebration

23rd Feb 2017 Maha Shivratri Celebration

Poetry Dramatization

20th Feb 2017 English Poetry Dramatization


01st Feb 2017 Basant Panchami


31st Jan 2017 Assembly VII C


25 Jan 2017 Assembly IV D Republic Day


New Year Assembly 30th Dec 2016


Interschool Yoga Championship 29th Dec 2016


23th Dec 2016 Christmas & New Year Celebrations


CBSE National Taekwondo Championship from  16th to 20th  Dec 2016


11th Nov 2016 Childeren’s Day & Guru Purab by Class IV &  VI


26th Oct 2016 Diwali Assembly Class X


07th Oct 2016 Dussehra Celebrations


05th Oct 2016 G.K. Quiz Class III


04th Oct 2016 Assembly Class IV A


22nd Sept 2016 Maths Quiz Class V


2nd Sept 2016Talent Hunt Classes I & II


30th Aug 2016 Assembly VIII


24th Aug 2016 Janamashtmi Celebrations


17th Aug 2016 Rakshabandhan Assembly Class VII

11th Aug Dramatics Competition

11th Aug 2016 Interhouse Dramatics Competition

08th Aug Assembly Class V

08th Aug 2016 Assembly Class V

TeejCelebrationClass III

05th Aug 2016 Teej Celebration Class III

29thJuly Maths-Science Quiz

29th July 2016 Maths & Science Quiz


27th July 2016 Talent Hunt IX – XII

26thJuly2016 Eng  I-II

26th July 2016 English Elocution I and II

21st July 2016 Talent Hunt

21st July 2016 Talent Hunt

15thJuly2016 Parents Award

15th July 2016 Parents’ Award Function


13th July 2016 Investiture Ceremony

13thJuly2016 Assembly VI C

13th July 2016 Assembly Class VI C

Assembly Class II B

8th July 2016 Assembly Class II B

7th July 2016 Eid Celebrations

7th July 2016 Eid Celebrations

Celebration 2nd Int. Yoga Day

Celebration 2nd International Yoga Day

20th May 2016

Assembly Class VI (20th May 2016)

18th May 2016 Quin Turdles

18th May 2016 Quin Turdles VI to X

25th April 2016 New

25th April 2016 New Session Assembly Class XI

22th April 2016 Assembly

22th April 2016 Assembly of Hanuman Jayanti

18th April 2016 Mahavir

18th April 2016 Mahavir Jayanti Celebrations Class VI Assembly

 12th April 2016 Talk

12th April 2016 Talk on Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar , Baisakhi Celebration(XIIB) ,Ashtami & Ram Navmi Celebration (XII A)

9th April 2016

Orientation (9th April 2016)

04th March 2016 PTM  Function

04th March 2016 Felicitation to Parents( I -XII ) 2015-16

16th Feb 2016 Assembly VIII D

16th Feb 2016 Assembly VIII D

10th Feb 2016 GK Quiz

10th Feb 2016 GK Quiz

09th Feb 2016 Assembly VIII C

09th Feb 2016 Assembly VIII C

Republic Day Celebrations 2016

Republic Day Celebrations 25th January 2016

Assembly Class VIII B

19th January 2015 Assembly Class VIII B

Assembly Class IX C

15th January 2016 Assembly Class IX C

Audio Visual Heritage

Audio Visual Heritage

Happy New Year

31st December 2015 ‘Assembly Class VIII New Year Celebrations!


24th December 2015 ‘Christmas Celebrations!’


16th to 23rd December 2015 GANNIT Week Celebrations

Spic macay

13th – 19th Dec 2015 Trip to IIT Rurki First Winter National Convention of Spic Macay

Assembly Class IV D

17th December 2015 Assembly Class IV D

Assembly Class II D

15th December 2015 Assembly Class II D

Assembly Class VIII A

11th December 2015 Assembly VIII A

Assembly IV D

3rd December 2015 Assembly IV D

Assembly VII D

1st December 2015 Assembly VII D

 Constitution Day \'15

26th November 2015 Celebration of The Indian Constitution Day.

Gurunanak Jayanti

24th November 2015 Assembly Class I and IV Celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti

Assembly Class I

19th November 2015 Assembly Class I and Prize Distribution


6th November 2015 Diwali and Children’s Day Celebrations

Hindi Elocution

4th November 2015 Inter House Hindi Poem Recitation VI – VIII

Quin Turdles

3rd November 2015 Quin Turdles Class IX & X

Assembly Class VII C

3rd November 2015 Assembly Class VII C

Hindi Dramatization

29th October 2015 Inter House Hindi Dramatization Competition.


21st  October 2015 Celebrating Durga Pooja and Dussehra

Mono Acting

16th October 2015 Mono acting & group dance activity at Bal Bhawan


14th October 2015 Assembly  Class XI B

Class VII B Assembly

9th October 2015 Assembly Class VII B

GK Quiz Class III

8th October 2015 Intra Class GK Quiz Class III

Commerce Symposium

7th October 2015 Commerce Symposium

Trip to Delhi

6th October 2015 Inter House Fancy Dress Competition Class I

Trip to Delhi Ganesh Chaturthi 15 Celebrations 26-8- 2015 TalentIV - V Talent Hunt I-III 25 Aug 15 15th August 2015 Celebrations 11 Aug 2015 aa Inter House English Elocution Talent Hunt Classes IX to XII Talent Hunt EID Celebration 17th July 2015 14th July 2015 Assembly VI C 14th May 2015 Hindi Elocution 07th May 2015 Quin Turdles 30th April Positive Parenting 16th April 2015 Orientation March 31, 2015 – Mahavir Jayan Farewell to Harsh Bareja Mam Holi Celebration held on 5th M Book Fair held on 21st Feb 201 Ad Spoof Inter House competiti Assembly Class III D held on 1 Founder\'s Day Celebration. Assembly Class VIII C held on


Republic Day Celebration Basant Panchami Celebration Road Safety Week Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Celebration of GANIT Week from