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advisorMy association with Bal Vikas School is from the day it was started in 1985. I have seen it grow from infant steps to big strides – like a proud mother who watches her child with a sharp eye – guiding whenever needed to give right direction to build a strong value based foundation.

Bal Vikas teaches the children to have confidence in themselves and to face the challenge of life with full faith in their capabilities. They know the value of hard work. They are taught to do their best and be modest about their achievements because no matter how good you are, you can always do better.

My message to the students of Bal Vikas is that whatever problems they face in life – they should face them boldly with courage, compassion and dignity.

Life is like a game of tennis – you have to serve well, return well, remain cool in crucial moments and remember it all begins with Love All.

My best wishes to all the children of Bal Vikas whoI am sure will be smart, selfless, intelligen , brave and above all good human beings.

God Bless You All.

Ravinder Sodhi

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